Sunday, 22 April 2012

A trip for the youngster

I had 3 hours this morning so as Josh has not seen too many fish of late I thought I would let him fish alone with me guiding him with the hope that he caught a few. We decided on a local commercial Meadowlands, Lambsdowne lake being the chosen one of the two lakes. The initial view of the lake is not a good one, there must be at least 3 feet of water missing from the previous year, the stages are way up off the water line, set back now up to 12 feet in places, god knows how and when that will right itself......
I set Josh up a feeder rig, corn on the hook and groundbait/corn in an open end feeder in a hope that he would snare one of the venue's many Carp. It took over an hour of regular casting to get bites coming but that is what eventually happened and he ended up with 4 Bream but no Carp at all. There was a match being fished on the opposite bank and that seemed to be the story also, a few silver fish but no Carp.

You can see that where Josh is sat is actually the lake bed and was a spot that you could present a bait this time last year.

Packing up time soon came around and Josh was happy enough with his quota but a Carp would have been the icing on the cake for him. Back to school for him tomorrow and back to work for me so roll on next weekend.

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