Sunday, 1 April 2012

Stripes, Teddy Bears & Teeth

Well today’s session didn't start too well when it started raining heavily all the way down the M6 from Cov to the venue (not forecast) but fair play I thought when it stopped just after Josh and I pulled up into the Car Park. Two anglers on, one of them a regular who said that it had and it was fishing poorly.
I fished on a peg on the windward bank, well away from the 2 guys Carping and started to set my stall out, float rod on the inside to the left with double red maggot/caster and a mag/caster feeder rod off the right side on an alarm, Josh put a Carp rod out on the other side of the pod with a pop up Boilie.
The first hour passed uneventfully apart from me having to continually adjust the float to eventually fish it overdepth by 18 inches and put a chain on no6's to stop it from towing, not sure if they were running some water off today but a stick float would have been more apt! The feeder rod had a few bleeps plus a couple of fish top over that area so things looked promising. Just after 1pm the feeder rod screamed and the bobbin hit the top, after a short fight a nice Perch came to the surface, Josh did a sterling job with the net and and it became obvious that this ‘nice 2’ as it had looked during the fight was a 3lb-er! 3lb 4oz to be precise and still carrying spawn, what a start.

We then had another slow hour before again the feeder rod was away, a slightly better scrap this time and a nice male Tench was in the net, 4lb 13oz, this fish had two strange burn like marks across it gills on the RHS, never seen anything like that before.

It was then time for lunch, also taken readily! Nice steady run from this youngster!

The next bite  on the float rod, a dithering sort of bite but as I was fishing overdepth I can only out it down to that, the strike met with solid resistance and the fight soon told me it was not one of the Carp in the venue but a nice Tench, after a truely great scrap Josh expertly slid the net under a long female fish that weight 7lb on the nose, a new PB for me today!

As the light was now beginning to fade I baited the float rod with a lobworm in the hope of another Perch, first cast and the float sailed away and the strike met with solid resistance, a slow heavy fight ensued and then the penny dropped when I saw a long series of swirls/tail patterns on the surface, a Pike had obviously taken the worm on the drop and maybe a reason why the float line had not attracted any small fish during the day. As Josh had not caught anything I passed him the rod and let him battle it out with the toothy critter, he eventually landed the fish and it came in at 10lb 7oz, a beuatifully marked fish indeed.

That was about it for the day and what a strange day it had been with an equal measure of predatory fish vs the Tinca's, that is what keeps us going back for another dose though isn't  it, the complete unknown of what can happen, I love it!


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  2. Danny, a nice looking perch and tench you have there. Followed you blog for a while now.I live in Coventry and have just dropped my place on the upper avon you have been fishing, you said that the res you were fishing was on a club book and that they have a few other waters as well, do you have any info you could send me ? Thanks