Saturday, 17 March 2012

Season's end on the Wye

I had booked off work the afternoon of the 14th as I fancied a few hours on the Wye, only an hour's drive from Coventry so not too bad on that front. During my journey down the M5 the temp was only 8 deg C with a heavy cloud covering so I thought I maybe in for a daytime fish or two, on arriving the cloud had cleared, the temp was up to 12 deg C and my daytime fish thoughts were dwindling.....
I picked my peg which was in a fast water gulley that started after a salmon groyne, I knew from previous history the area held fish and it looked right on the day.
The daylight hours passed uneventfully, I cast at regular intervals to get some bait running through the swim but apart from one or two big twangs nothing happened. On dusk things started to happen and just before 7pm the downstream rod was over and after a good scrap a 7lb Wye Barbel lay in the net, I had just unhooked the fish when my upstream rod then decided it was 3 foot twitch time so after quickly making sure the Barbel in the net was revived and swam off OK I picked the U/S rod up to find that it was firmly snagged.....I gave the rod ten minutes on the pod without any movement so I pulled for a break which resulted in the gear coming back minus the hook.
After both rods were back out the D/S rod again was over and aagain aa 7lb Barbel lay in the net, I quickly unhooked the fish and yes before you ask the U/S rod was away again, these fish were really taking the p*ss ! I got to the rod as quick as I could and felt a fish pull back for around 5 seconds and then again everything went solid, again the rod was put on the pod for ten minutes without any movement so this time the mainline went and that rod went up the bank with the words 'last cast for you this season sunshine' or something along those lines anyway.

I fished for a further 20 minutes with the one rod but nothing happened apart from the air temp drop dramatically very quickly. An enjoyable day nonetheless and I for one can't wait to get back on her banks next season.


  1. Dave? Is this an only fools and horses sketch!