Monday, 12 March 2012

The last stripes?

The river season is almost gone for another year, its caught me up in a rather sneakily fashion and a couple of weeks ago I had time on my hands to plan the last sessions, now as I write this there is barely 48 hours left to play out with her.......

Saturday saw me pencilled in for a Perch trip on the upper W Avon, I headed for the lower part of the fishery in a peg that I had looked at whilst Piking a couple of months back, there was cover, depth and not a lot of flow (now there's a surprise!) so to me at least it looked the part for Percius to reside in. I was in for 3pm, the ever faithful lobworm under a float on the lower part of the swim and a prawn cast under a bush on the upper, bearing in mind this was a Perch trip I was sat there basking in the afternoon sun, spring is definately here.
Nothing happened at all even though regular casting, red maggots peppering the surface as well as broken lobs but then at 5pm I had my first bite, a dip or two before the float sunk from view and then the strike into sweet FA.......I was on the phone to a pal at the time and after he heard a few choice words he told me he'd leave me to it and call me later! I rebaited and cast straight back in, as I suspected the float dipped with the bait still dropping through the lower levels and this time the hook held and the battle was on with the intended species, not a huge fish at 1lb 8oz but as it was the intended I was happy enough.

The last hour was now upon me and it was when the light really started to fade that I had my second spell of action, again the first bite resulted in fresh air and bad language then the recast resulted in another Perch of around 12oz. One last cast (or four) resulted in another fish of the same size so three Perch was the result but not the larger stamp that I yearned for but I was happy enough.  Note for next time, the prawn rod didn't move during the trip but I won't give up on it just yet.
Two more trip planned, another Perching on the upper and then the beautiful Wye for Barbel on Wednesday afternoon, I can't wait.

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