Saturday, 17 March 2012

Last Chance on The Avon

I had a small window of opportunity to get back on my local W Avon stretch for an evening session so I took it, again float fishing with lobworm in the hope of a fat Perch. Nothing of note occurred until about 6pm when I had a bite just after casting in which I missed.....again...... A pattern is emerging here where I think the fish (Perch I think) are nailing the popped up tail section of lob just as it settles on the river bed and my strike is 9 times out of 10 pulling the worm straight out of their mush! This continued for a couple of casts before the lob this time settled on the deck, it was then only a minute or so when the float slide away positively and this time a strike met with a fish, after a brief tussle a Perch of about a pound was drawn over the net.

A quick cast back in was made in case any further stripeys were on the prowl and as time was also running out, the next bite came quickly and the strike was met with a much more solid resistance this time, I wasn't sure if it was a Barbel at first as it powered upstream hugging the bottom but after some pressure was exerted the fish rose to the upper layers and a nice Chub could be seen, a quick attempt to get into the nearside foliage (don't all Chub!) and it was in the net, first glimpse I thought it maybe a stretch/river first in the form of a 5lb fish but the scales told me 4.14 which equals my PB for the river so I was happy enough.

I missed another bite and that was that for the season on the upper Warks Avon, I have probably done as much predator fishing on the river this season as Barbel fishing and I am really getting into the Perch on there, where the hell the Barbel have gone to is anybodys guess but I am not on my own with that thought......

Just to top the evning off Josh and I watched a Barn Owl hunting over the field behind us, he thought it was great until I told him it would be something cute and furry it was eating for its tea!

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  1. I think I know that fish Dan the old miserable looking sod!!!!...

    Was it from the deep scrapyard end peg mate ....

    Im dropping my ticket mate to be honest. Its a lovely bit of river but the fact that the public are on there later than the paying angler gets to me .Also the rumour of more otters being released on there this year in big numbers, was told to me by another member . Game over . Im going after barbel Ive seen and photo'd .

    Drop me a line if you fancy it mate .

    Baz Peck