Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Weighing up the options

It has been a while since I last wet a line, mainly due to the fact that I had an overseas trip to Israel with work for 11 days, 26 degrees out there at best whilst the reports from back in Coventry were 6 degree below zero!
The weather obviously plays a very big part in all our fishing and now that the big freeze seems to be behind us (fingers crossed) I am thinking of how I will play the final weeks out on running water. A nice river Pike was on the agenda prior to the winter time and although I have fished the Warks Avon a  few times I have not tried in earnest on the intended river, the Severn.
Perch are another fish on the agenda prior to March 14th as this is now the time that the females will be on the hunt prior to their spawning, my PB Perch of 3.14 was caught from the River Dove four years back and that was only with five days of the running water season left to go.
The Roach is another fish who if arriving at a river at the right time then I do have options where I could catch a reasonable fish or two.
That leaves the beautiful Barbel, with the past few days being so cold this slight rise in temperature should see their whiskers twitching again for some grub.
I suppose that is one of the great things about this wonderful sport of ours, choices galore but sometimes which road do you take.....

Anyway, Good luck to all river rovers until the final curtain on the 14th, I make that 29 days......

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