Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A mixed weekend

As per usual the weather forecast for the weekend wasn't the best, the fairly settled weather was changing big time and the Saturday was forecast for big winds and rain, nice. I decided after a couple of venue changes to drive down to the Wye, a club stretch in the expectation of Chub and maybe a Barbel to boot. On arrival the big wind certainly greeted us when we stepped out of the car but no sign of the wet stuff.....yet. We arrived at the peg and the first thing I noticed whilst setting the tripod up was how slippy the bank was, obviously the welsh snow melt had pushed the river up over the days before and it was decidedly dodgy, Josh at this stage was huddled under the brolly hoping that it would remain planted in terra firma. First cast with paste on the hook and hemp and small pellet in the feeder and the tip was over, Josh took the rod after slipping and sliding to it and eventually landed a Chub of around 3lbs, not a bad start.

With both rods out the caster rod now went over, after a brief tussle another Chub was landed, this time a touch larger than the first. The wet stuff had now arrived and moving around the lower river bank was a major task, I had gone ass over t*t twice and the strengthening wind had nearkly taken Josh & the brolly over to Ross On Wye! We sat it out for a further half an hour but I had concerns over the safety of Josh as the banks were treacherous so we called it a day, a shame as the fish seemed to be having it (isn't that always the way....)
After packing up my sodden gear we trudged our way back to the car, there is a small fishing hut by the car park so we decided to have something to eat & drink in there before the drive back, Josh has now decided he wants to do an overnighter on the stretch and sleep in the hut! Nice one.

This weekend had seen the Midlands Carp Fishing show at The Ricoh arena in Coventry so we headed down there on Sunday morning, a couple of other bloggers were seen lurking around the stands and all in all it wasn't a bad show. Josh had his picci taken with the GURU guys Dean Macey & Steve Ringer.

After the show I had a chance to fish for the latter part of the day so it was down to the local stretch of the Avon in pursuit of a Perch, I have identified several other spots that look the buisness further downstream but elected to fish a spot that I have caught from before. Again a lobworm was fished under a float and caster was fished along the far reed line with a small feeder. Not a great deal happened at all for the first two hours and it was the last hour that saw the action taking place, Chub were very active porpoising all around me and it was a Chub of 4lb 6oz that took a liking to my lobworm.

I had 15 minutes before dark so back out went the lobworm rod only for the float to sail away and me striking into thin air! After a few expletives a fresh lob was back in the river, this time when the float sailed away I struck into a fish, a Perch, all 6oz of it........

I'm hoping to get out for another crack at the Perch on the river before the end of the season so fingers crossed.

Just a quick word to say good luck to the Midlands Bloggers who will be fishing the lovely River Itchen this coming Friday, wish I was with you!


  1. I went to the show Saturday morning Dan which was a wise choice in the weather conditions .....Got a lovely green keep net for £10 !!!! and a bait dropper for £1 .....

    I was quite surprised at the amount of people there and the quality of the stands and tackle etc ...

    Baz Peck

  2. Hi Baz,

    Yes the show was OK, I was expecting the little un to pick up a few freebies but everybody seemed to be fresh out, I had to fork out for some pineapple pop ups for him in the end!