Tuesday, 3 January 2012

More stripes added

I visited a local commercial yesterday, my son Josh, his friend Tom and my Father in law Greg were in tow so any club waters were out of the question as we didn't all have the relevant tickets so a commercial would have to do. The venue chosen was one with an up and coming Perch pedigree, I knew of a couple of friends who had taken good fish so it was worth the first visit there even though the air temps had dropped around 7 deg C from the previous day and what with clear skies I wasn't hopeful of a bag full.......
I chose an area at the pit with the wind off my back and with a high bank behind me, I thought that when the sun began to dip it would drop the light levels in the water in front of me first so hopefully prolong my chance of a Perch if they were feeding. Two rods were set up in similar fashion to my previous river session, a feeder with bread and a float with lobworm. Josh was happoy enough to wander the bank with his new lure rod/reel throwing a few jelly lures around here and there. It was actually Josh who hit into something first, unfortunately for him it wasn't a fish but an old rusting sweetrcorn tin that had found its way into the pit.
 The first bite came on the float rod and a mint Roach came to hand around 12oz, not a bad start and after all it was the first fish of 2012. I then went through a quiet spell, Greg landed a small Roach but Josh & Tom were yet to trouble the score sheet. At 2.30pm I started to get a few twitches and knocks on the float rod and after striking and missing at a couple previously I was sure to leave the next bite time to develop, that I did and the carbon curved, I knew initially that it wasn't a Perch I was connected to it was a slow and steady fight rather than the head shaking of a Perch. Carp was my immediate theory but after a spirited scrap a fish surfaced that I didn't expect to see, a sturgeon of around 6lb.

As this was my first of the species I was quite happy but still not my target for the day. I recast the float rod again and was immediately getting knocks and dips on the float and again when the float buried the carbon curved, straight away this fish was a dead weight, almost Bream like in it's lack of fight but then I saw a nice Perch surface that had obviously lassooed itslef as it was belly up! The line soon pinged free and battle commenced and this time the tell tale head shakes were felt through the rod, a bit of a battle close in by the reeds and the net was under her, I said her as it was then I noticed just how big this fish was, a huge stomach was on show so food was obviously in abundance in the pit. My Perch PB is just under 4lb and this fish looked not far from that weight, on the scales she went 3lb 4oz, happy days indeed and a cracking fish at the first attempt at the venue.

I fished on for a further hour but even though small silvers scattered occasionally in the area I didn't receive any further bites. Needless to say the feeder rod that had been recast every 20 minutes throughout the day didn't produce a fish.

Happy New Year.

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  1. That's a clonking perch Danny and a wonderful start to the new year .