Monday, 5 December 2011

Not cutting it on the cut

Zander. I was on the trail of my first of these toothy critters and as my new surroundings in the West Mids wasn't short of a few of them I thought this winter would be worth having a crack for them.
The Oxford Canal was my first port of call for a brief session, not far from Brinklow. On arriving on the towpath the first thing I noticed was the amount of leaves littering the surface, as I was intending to fish a whip to try and catch a livey or two this was obviously not going to be an easy task.
Josh kicked off and threw a jelly lure around here and there, and he threw it around onto a far bank tree or two but always managing to retrieve the lure so happy days.
I alternated between single red mag or a worm on the whip and after catching a small Perch it went out under a bung and sat there for over an hour even after re-casting to different spots every 15 minutes.
The day ended by catching a Perch of around 10oz on a worm, too big for a livey so back it went and the session ended on a blank on the Zed front, always next time though.

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