Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A step in the right direction

I had an afternoon on my local upper Avon today, windy conditions but it remained dry at least. On arriving at the stretch three cars were in the car park so I decided on another stretch further downstream, again on arrival three more cars greeted me but as dog walkers are not uncommon here I thought I would give it a go. Luckily my chosen swim was free and I hadn't come across any other anglers either so maybe dog walkers were the car owners. I chose to fish two rods, a quiver rod on the far reed line with a small feeder crammed with liquidised bread and a large chunk of flake on the hook, the second rod would be a float with lobworm as bait, this was dropped tight in to the near bank in around 7 feet of water, this rod was hopefully going to throw me a Perch or two......
The wind made detecting bites on the quiver a difficult one so I hoped that if one materialised it would be an obvious one! This rod was recast every 10 minutes or so as my confidence with bread on the hook would not go any further! The float rod was dropped in and that I cut up a lob every 10 minutes again and sprayed the float with the wormy goodness, this rod again would be recast every 15-20 minutes to keep the hookbait on the move and it was after an hour that I had a quick bob on the float just after the bait had settled, this happened again after the next cast but this time the float buried. On striking the fish felt quite heavy and I was praying that a Pike wasn't the culprit but then the tell tale headshaking started and a Perchy fight commenced, it was then I saw the fish twisting a turning in the clear water at my feet and it looked a nice one. On the scales she went 2lb 3oz, a river PB for me and finally a decent Perch after a fair amount of trying for one.

I went straight back in with the float as there are usually more than one Perch about but no further bites were had. I did have a couple of tentative knocks on the tip towards dusk when the wind dropped but nothing I could strike at, I thought I may have had a Chub or two or even a Roach on the bread but not today. A step in the right direction on the Perch front as I had thought that there must be some big stripeys in the river somewhere, more to come hopefully......

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas to all

Well the day is approaching and the children are hyper!  Fishing gear is on the agenda this year but not for me but for Josh. He has an 8 ft lure rod/reel combo and a box of jelly lures wrapped up ready for tomorrow morning so we will be out thrashing the water to a jelly foam in between Christmas and New Year.
A bivvy is also hidden away (2 man JRC) so we will be attempting the first night session come the spring months, hopefully the first of many that we will embark on together.

I am at a quandry to fish for Pike or Zander myself during the holiday period, river or canal? So many decisions to make.......

Happy Christmas anyway and enjoy yourselves!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Time for a Pike, or two

As the weather was cooling a change of attack was brought out of the tackle box, as my previous couple of sessions had been for a Zed on the cut and Perch on the upper Avon (only small samples being banked) I continued with the preds and aimed for Pike on a reservoir that a club I was a member of had recently aqquired.
A call en route to a mate already on there told me that they seemed to be feeding as he had just landed a fish short of 10lbs, they reputedly run three times the size in there but a fish or two today would be a good start.
The reservoir is almost 40 acres so lots of water to go at, mobility would of been the name of the game today but as Josh was with me a move every 2 hours would do for a start.
The plan was to fish with deadbaits under a float, sardine being the bait of choice as I now had a good cheap supply of bait after I stumbled across the fact the local fishmonger is also a Pike angler, £4.30 for 15 nice sized baits will do the job!
First cast, a rod to the left hand margin and a rod to the right, it was the right hand rod that signaled a take only ten minutes after casting into 5 feet of water, a brief scrap and a fish of about 6lb was landed, unhooked and quickly released.
After another hour and a half in that spot without any signs of life a move around the rese was called for, a peg 200 yards around was slap bang in the middle of a large reed bad so again a bait was cast either side of the peg close into the reeds.  After 20 minutes the RH rod was away again, a bit more of a tussle this time and a larger fish could be seen figthing in the 6 foot deep margin, again into the net a quick unhook this time and up for the trophy shot.

This fish managed the spin of death whilst my hand was still slid up its gills and the inevitable slashed finger was the result, Josh loved the fact that the Pike had 'bitten' me but a lesson for me as my old garden glove had been left at home.......
That was it for the day but as there were 2 other anglers on that day who had blanked and my mate who landed one fish earlier on I wasn't complaining. I will be putting in a bit more time on here over this winter for the Pike and then changing species when the spring arrives......

Not cutting it on the cut

Zander. I was on the trail of my first of these toothy critters and as my new surroundings in the West Mids wasn't short of a few of them I thought this winter would be worth having a crack for them.
The Oxford Canal was my first port of call for a brief session, not far from Brinklow. On arriving on the towpath the first thing I noticed was the amount of leaves littering the surface, as I was intending to fish a whip to try and catch a livey or two this was obviously not going to be an easy task.
Josh kicked off and threw a jelly lure around here and there, and he threw it around onto a far bank tree or two but always managing to retrieve the lure so happy days.
I alternated between single red mag or a worm on the whip and after catching a small Perch it went out under a bung and sat there for over an hour even after re-casting to different spots every 15 minutes.
The day ended by catching a Perch of around 10oz on a worm, too big for a livey so back it went and the session ended on a blank on the Zed front, always next time though.