Sunday, 6 November 2011

High expectations

After all the rain that had fallen in the Coventry area during the latter half of the week I was thinking that the Upper Avon may actually be starting to flow! My suspicions were confirmed on the EA river level site -  showing a sharp rise on the Friday morning so it was with that I managed to sneak a couple of hours on the bank on the Saturday morning.
On arrival down to the river I could clearly see two other anglers, amazing what the rain drags down to the river bank eh! On speaking to one of the anglers (Andy Lewis - it was clear that although the river looked in fine fettle with about 18 inches on and coloured without too much rubbish coming down it was actually fishing very poorly indeed. With that encouraging news I tromped off upstream to start my session. The first swim was a very deep one in parts but I dropped my flavoured meat bait just inches off the now covered staging into around 6 feet of water.
After half an hour without a touch it was time to move into swim number 2, this I knew from summer time fishing was a clean gravel bottom, again about 6 feet of water was under my feet and the flow was clean and smooth. I had one or two knocks in here but nothing to strike at.
Swim number 3 was a wader job as the river had come over the bank slightly but again as the flow dropped into a pool on a bend, the inside line by the decaying reeds looked bob on for a bite but again my flavoured meat was untroubled.............

It was with that I walked back up the hill to the car with TFBML (again) wondering what the hell I have to do to lure a Barbel from the upper this season.

The drive home was eventful to some degree, a friend of mine was fishing a midlands reservoir, initially he was trying to catch livebait to Pike fish with but his float fished red maggots had been taken by no fewer than 13 Tench to over 7lb, in November!  I have already planned my working week so I finish it over near that particular water!