Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Upper Avon with the Northern Boy's

Last Saturday saw an annual event come around in the form of Danny & John driving south to enjoy a day on the Upper Avon with your's truly.
We arrived on a merely fresher river than of late what with the very sparing amounts of late mid-week rain, the level was up a matter of an inch or two and the water like that of vodka, bloody clear!

As usual the plan was to cover as much water during the day and personally the Barbel gear was to stay in the holdall until 6pm then fish up to dark for a last gasp fish, the rest of the day I used a small blockend feeder filled with chopped worm and maggots with the same on the hook.

The first peg produced 2 Perch on the worm and I also lost a good fish for the river which was easily over a pound but I will never know. I then proceeded to fish 3 other swims which again produced Perch (inc this minnow guzzling chav below) and a couple of Dace & Chub.

The Barbel rod did come out just before 6pm but no 3 foot twitches were forthcoming but overall I had caught a few fish so I couldn't complain.
Danny & John also had a few Perch between them during the day, John catching the majority of his on live minnow's. I think livebait has to be the way forward for the Perch on the upper as I know they are there but bait fishing attracts too many small fry.

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