Wednesday, 12 October 2011

River Itchen

It was my first visit down to the Itchen ( but many of the anglers I was with today had been before so I had heard how great the stretch was plus the fish it contained.
Most of us arrived in the car park around 8am and after a few introduction's I was driving up to an upper part of the stretch to begin the days fishing which incidentally would be trotting with maggots or corn as bait.
The first area I tried was just below a bridge, the water running into a small pool before turning right to head down to the next parking spot.

This first trot had the float dipping and a Grayling landed as it was for the first five trots down! Not a bad start to the day at all I am thinking but after that bites were less frequent as the shoal were obvious spooked so I walked a touch further downstream and away we were again with more Grayling and a small Salmon Parr. I tried a further two spots further down the straight, both providing me with Grayling.

I then drove to the uppermost car park passing the fly only stretch where a few of the other lads were wielding their fly rods with differing amounts of success (sorry about driving over your landing net pole Paul) to the upper coarse fishing stretch. This is a syndicate water but is open to day ticket anglers until mid October.

The peg above gave me the biggest Grayling of the day which was around 1.04 which although it wasn't the 2lb fish I had hoped for still a nice fish indeed. A Brownie of around 3.08 then nailed my trotted corn a long way down the run and that was fun in the fast flow!

After fishing three swims above the railway bridge a few other of the lads started to arrive on the upper stretch after their fluff flinging antic's had brought down a few branches (only joking guys) so I then drove downstream to the middle section to explore further. The river here was noticeably slower and deeper but apparently the chance of a larger Grayling existed.

The first swim I fished gave me another nice Brown that really tested my float gear to the limit, boy do the spotties go!

The late afternoon saw me drop further downstream to fish just above a bend, this was a lot slower and deeper than the upper stretch and was in Roach territory.

There was a lot of weed coming through by now and actually keeping the feeder nailed to the deck was posing a problem, some casts were OK for ten minutes with the next the feeder was being dragged out of position after 30 seconds. The first bite brought a mint Chub that weighed 4.05.

The second fish fought a lot harder than the above Chub but turned out to be it's baby brother, I didn't weigh the fish but guess it was not far off 4lb. The next bite was a strange affair as I thought that weed was responsible for after a strike it was obvious something was there, a river Bream of 5.04.

By this time Sash who was fishing below me on the next bend (the event organiser) had caught Grayling, Roach, an Eel (ooh err) and a great looking Common Carp of around 10lb all on bread so it was action stations.

All in all it is a gorgoeus stretch of river, that in itself would usually forfill most anglers desire's but with the addition of the fish that swim in it's flowing water I don't think it can be beaten full stop.

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