Friday, 28 October 2011

Rainbow's end on the Severn?

A trip to the Severn was made this week to a stretch around Shrewsbury that I hadn't fished before. The species in mind were Perch, Pike and Barbel, a weird combo I know but the barbel rod would only be cast out an hour before dusk, the main part of the day after the pred's.
The river was a strange colour on arrival, clear but it was holding a sediment of some sort so it was a bit tea stained, locals have told me in the past that this phenomenon is never seen above the Vyrnwy confluence and they think that it is the result of farmers spraying their crops/fields? Most of the fields I passed on the day had just been ploughed so I am not sure how much weight this theory holds......
Anyway I started off in the first swim with worms on the hook and red magg's in the feeder, this was cast next to an overhanging nearside willow in the hope of luring a Perch or two out, with the clear sky though this was proving a tricky feat.

After an hour in the first swim it was time for a move upstream, after finding the next swim I had a mooch with the lure rod but again apart from a jack Pike following the jelly lure into the edge 2/3 times it was quiet.

It was towards the end of the day when the heaven's opened, luckily the brolly had remained in the holdall even though the forecast was 0% chance of precipitation! It was whilst the rain was falling that not one but two rainbow's formed and I merrily snapped away to get the best shot.

It was as dusk arrived after the colour's in the sky had departed I had my first proper indication on the tip and a Perch of around 10 oz was duly landed, I quickly cast out again hoping that the feeding spell was beginning but alas that was it for the day. The Barb rod had been out since just before the rain but again no joy on that.

It went very cold on dusk and when I arrived back at the car 5.5 deg C were the numbers, it had only been 8 deg C when I arrived so winter is definately on the way.

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