Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Desperate times

I have managed to get out twice on running water over the past week without any fish being caught. The first session was a quick 2 hour trip to the Upper Avon into dark, I fished 2 swims and just had a few knocks and pulls to watch but no real confident takes although the second swim I fished on came alive with fish on the surface around dusk so I will be back there soon....

The second trip was to the Trent nr Burton, again fishing from late afternoon into dark, I had everything mapped out in my head how I would approach the swim but the one thing I didn't anticipate were the huge amounts of weed that were coming down the river, I couldn't leave the rod in for anything longer than 15 minutes so I again left for home with my tail firmly tucked between my legs.

This weekend see's me back on the Upper Avon with my 2 Northern fishing buddies then down onto the Itchen on Tuesday for a day out with a group of anglers who I know from a Barbel forum, hopefully I will have some fishy things to show you after those trips..........

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