Friday, 28 October 2011

A day on old father Thames

I had a trip down to the big smoke last Saturday, the better half was spending a day shopping in the west end so after a couple of earlier emails to Keith Arthur from Sky Sports I was heading to a stretch nr Heathrow at Laleham.  Apparently the upper and lower part of the stretch sandwiched between the M3 & M25 were the deepest and the centre section shallower and good for the float, due to the weather cooling off prior to my visit I chose to fish the lower part of the section by the M3. With the traffic and the many aircraft from Heathrow it was hardly a quiet day!

With the wind blowing upstream at a fair rate and the river hardly flowing I decided against the waggler as it probably wouldn't have moved, so a feeder it was full of chopped worm and red maggot and a misture of the two on the hook, this was cast as close to the far bank willow as I could manage. The day was passing by fairly slowly without many indications on the tip at all, it was a wiser decision to keep an eye out for the many pleasure boats passing up and down the river though, one passing by very close in and at quite a pace resulting in snapping me off, the lady at the helm realised what she had done as I was putting the rod tip under the water but it was too late and she sailed off upstream not looking bothered at all......

My first fish came halfway through the afternoon and was a Perch of around 1/2lb, it was then another quiet spell until the sun dipped behind the trees and the last hour resulted in another 4 Perch to just under a pound. The far bank looked very Chubby to me but either they weren't at home or if so they weren't playing out!

Although it wasn't a fish filled day I enjoyed my first visit on the Thames and I am sure that I will be back to try again soon.

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