Thursday, 22 September 2011

Worming on the Sow

I had an hour free last night so it was a toss up between a quick Barbel session on the Upper Avon or a relaxing 'chuck a worm around' in my little pool on the River Sow. The Barbel fishing this season has been a real head banger for me especially on my local upper stretch of the Avon so I decided on the relaxed session taking Josh with me for company (plus so he can play about in the shallow water!)

The first three runs through the pool with worm under a light stick float resulted in 3 Brownie's all around 12 oz -and a pound. It then went quiet for a while but I started to pick up bites towards the tail of the pool which eventually resulted in 2 small Chublets and a Dace, the latter being a first for me from that part of the Sow.

That was about it apart from finding a hand line that was left jammed in between the rocks on a thin rope with 4 hooks attached via nylon links, needless to say it was removed and disposed of! It makes you wonder how the resident fish in the pool manage what with Crayfish abundant and then what I found today.................

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