Sunday, 4 September 2011

River Trent

My first visit to the Trent this season was to an upper stretch that although I had not fished before the two mates who I met on there had quite a bit and some good fish had been caught.
The upper part of the stretch was very weedy and it was a nice break in that weed that was my first peg of the day. I bait dropped 8 full loads of hemp & pellet onto 4 feet of clean gravel and left it to settle for about half an hour before fishing. The first bite didn't come until about an hour after casting in and it resulted in a Chub about 3 and a half (modelled by Josh below)

I then added 4 more droppers and left the dust to settle for about half an hour, during that time I walked further down the stretch with Danny and we spotted another 3 spots in between the weed (in-betweeners?) that definately looked as though they could produce a fish. The lower part of the stretch held less weed but some depth here and there so all in a nice varied bit of water.
I then dropped back into the original swim for another hour but without any further action.

Moving down to the lower part I then put two rods on the far side of a bend in about 6-7 feet of water, Danny was just below me fishing a deeper hole and John was below him on the lower peg on the stretch again with some deep water in front of him. Apart from a couple of taps on my lower rods that was it for me, I packed up at 10pm as Josh's pass out was until 11pm!  As we walked the stretch saying our goodbye's to the boys Danny's U/S rod was away and after a 'Breamy' fight a Barbel was landed about 7lbs, we think the fact the fished head was draped in weed it didn't fight? Josh again is modelling this fish!
So that was it for Josh and I but the text's were raining in during our drive back to Coventry, both Danny & John ended up with 2 Barbel a piece and also some nice Chub in the 5lb region. Danny is below with the night's best of 10lb 11oz, cracker mate!

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