Thursday, 22 September 2011

Worming on the Sow

I had an hour free last night so it was a toss up between a quick Barbel session on the Upper Avon or a relaxing 'chuck a worm around' in my little pool on the River Sow. The Barbel fishing this season has been a real head banger for me especially on my local upper stretch of the Avon so I decided on the relaxed session taking Josh with me for company (plus so he can play about in the shallow water!)

The first three runs through the pool with worm under a light stick float resulted in 3 Brownie's all around 12 oz -and a pound. It then went quiet for a while but I started to pick up bites towards the tail of the pool which eventually resulted in 2 small Chublets and a Dace, the latter being a first for me from that part of the Sow.

That was about it apart from finding a hand line that was left jammed in between the rocks on a thin rope with 4 hooks attached via nylon links, needless to say it was removed and disposed of! It makes you wonder how the resident fish in the pool manage what with Crayfish abundant and then what I found today.................

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wye oh why

A trip back down to the gorgeous Wye was on the cards again, I arrived at the stretch early afternoon to a fairly full car park, a quick chat to a couple of anglers told me that the fishing wasn't the best but the river was fining down after a midweek flush (that I was hoping to catch) and the last of the colour was dropping out fast.

I walked upstream and the first peg I fancied was taken so I continued up to the top limit to a great looking run of water. I placed a bait into the top faster run and then another bait lower down in the centre of the pool. After an hour without a touch and a few canoeists coming through the peg (plus two noddies who were intent on going UPstream through this very fast water without much luck) I moved back downstream.

I then had another hour in a slower deeper run but again no bites were forthcoming so I moved again......

By now the swim I fancied earlier on was vacant so I set up in there, I put my baits both over on the far bank, one under some overhanging willow and the other just above a run over willows, hoping that the fish were sat beneath.

The first bite came almost immediately on the upper rod and a Chub of about 2lb was landed, as I recast this rod the lower rod went over (why does this always happen) and after lifting into the fish it felt like a Barbel but it dropped off after around 5 seconds.....

Two hours later and with only a few taps on the tips I had to make a call, where to settle for dark and with me realising that I had left the headtorch in the car I moved everything down towards the car for the final effort.

This proved to be a bad move as my final peg didn't even give me a nod on the tips, mental note not to leave the head torch in the car again! I should have stayed in the peg and waited for dark but the cast over tight to the far side was a worry in the darkness.

It is a great place to be though and a few notes were made for the next trip which hopefully will be before the clocks move forward in 6 weeks time.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

River Trent

My first visit to the Trent this season was to an upper stretch that although I had not fished before the two mates who I met on there had quite a bit and some good fish had been caught.
The upper part of the stretch was very weedy and it was a nice break in that weed that was my first peg of the day. I bait dropped 8 full loads of hemp & pellet onto 4 feet of clean gravel and left it to settle for about half an hour before fishing. The first bite didn't come until about an hour after casting in and it resulted in a Chub about 3 and a half (modelled by Josh below)

I then added 4 more droppers and left the dust to settle for about half an hour, during that time I walked further down the stretch with Danny and we spotted another 3 spots in between the weed (in-betweeners?) that definately looked as though they could produce a fish. The lower part of the stretch held less weed but some depth here and there so all in a nice varied bit of water.
I then dropped back into the original swim for another hour but without any further action.

Moving down to the lower part I then put two rods on the far side of a bend in about 6-7 feet of water, Danny was just below me fishing a deeper hole and John was below him on the lower peg on the stretch again with some deep water in front of him. Apart from a couple of taps on my lower rods that was it for me, I packed up at 10pm as Josh's pass out was until 11pm!  As we walked the stretch saying our goodbye's to the boys Danny's U/S rod was away and after a 'Breamy' fight a Barbel was landed about 7lbs, we think the fact the fished head was draped in weed it didn't fight? Josh again is modelling this fish!
So that was it for Josh and I but the text's were raining in during our drive back to Coventry, both Danny & John ended up with 2 Barbel a piece and also some nice Chub in the 5lb region. Danny is below with the night's best of 10lb 11oz, cracker mate!