Thursday, 18 August 2011

River Sow

After enjoying a week with the family in southern Spain with temperature's reaching 41 dec C I was ready for some cooler climate fishing exploits.I had an hour to spare so I took Josh off to the River Sow,a  tributary of the Warks Avon that runs through South Coventry. I have fished this small pool on the river before, taking numerous Brown Trout, Perch, Chub as well as the unwelcome Red Signal Crays.....
I started by running a worm through with a BB shot in the faster water at the head of the pool and quickly took 2 small Browns around 12oz then that was that until I hooked a good fish that snagged me up in a large tree branch that had obviously dropped into the pool during the winter.
A change of attack was then brought into play and I ran a float through the pool, skirting the newly found snag in hope of what lay within. The first run through brought a bite in the spot by the snag and a fish tried it's best to get back in there, it failed and a nice Perch of around a pound hit the net.
I then took another Perch slightly smaller a few minutes later from the same spot that again fought well on the relatively light gear I was using.  Not too sure where all the Trout have gone as I have taken up to 11 Brown's to 3lb from this spot in under an hour last summer, I will leave that up to you as I am sure you can think of some possible reasons........

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  1. Hopefully they moved upstream to populate the upper reaches up near me in Longford? I didn't even know it contained a population as I've never caught one where I fish the stream. Good news!