Monday, 25 July 2011

A very quiet Upper Avon...........

I had around 5 hours at my disposal last Saturday and I fancied spending them on the Upper. I did the usual and baited swims as I walked downstream to the lower of the five, around 45-50 minutes in each was then planned to see what developed. 
Well nothing developed, absolutely sod all!  I didn't even receive as much as a knock on the tip in any of the swims I fished, the river looked very quiet indeed and the usual spots where Chub were usally seen cruising around the overhanging willows were deserted. I even found some pellets still sat on the bottom that I presume had been thrown in the day before in a swim that usally holds Chub & Barbel......

An en-masse fish exodus? I doubt that very much but they sure weren't playing ball with me this week.

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