Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Severn, life in the fast stuff.

I headed for a new stretch of the Severn only to be faced with access difficulties, I could see down onto the river from my lofty position but couldn't get down safely so it was onto plan B, except I didn't have one.......
I have now found out my best plan of attack for this stretch so I will be back on there as it looked the dog's danglers.

So with around another 10 stretches to choose from where do I go? I knew of a stretch that I used to fish regularly 6 years ago that had a 200 yard run of fast water so that was where I headed, the Barbel couldn't be far away from that, could they?

On arrival there was a van already in the car park but I hedged my bets and walked upstream to my chosen area that I found to be free. I started at the top of the 200 yard run and after a bit of bankside and foliage alterations and a pint of hemp & caster bait dropped into the run I was away.The rods were both fished with feeders, one with caster, hemp and plugged with groundbait with fake casters on the hook, the second feeder had some added pellets in the feeder with a single 8mm pellet on the hook. The first fish came to the pellet rod, a small Barb of around 3lbs, 2 Chub then came to the caster rod, both males as they were leaking milt and had tubercles on their gill covers. The next 90 minutes then passed uneventfully apart from one dropped fish on the pellet rod so I moved around 50 yards down the run.  I sat in the second swim for around 90 minutes without any indication on the tips so it was move time. The third swim looked a touch slower but I had caught here in the past so it had to be worth a go, again after some bankside alterations I was comfy and ready to go.

It wasn't long before I was receiving indications on both tips and the caster rod hammered over within 5 minutes of it being in the run and a Barb around 4lbs made it's way into the net.

The pellet rod then whacked over and a slightly larger Barb of 5lb was landed, I was beginning to enjoy myself at the stage!

I then picked up two more Barbs about 5lbs, one on each rod before it was time to hit the road, all in all an enjoyable session but I took my time in finding them.

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