Thursday, 21 July 2011

An evening on Lambsdowne

A quick after work session on Lambsdowne pool on the Meadowlands complex was had tonight, in tow were Josh,  Tom (a friend/neighbours son) and his dad Ken.

We picked a stretch of open bank at the westerly end of the lake where the wind was hacking down into, plenty of fish topping as we set up so things were looking good. I set Josh up first on the float with meat on the hook just off his rod end and after just 5 minutes as I had finished getting Tom's set up complete I noticed Josh's rod tip bent around, he didn't though so I mentioned the fact that he may wish to pick his rod up! He played the fish well ...........

The result was a Mirror Carp of around 7lbs.

Josh then had a couple of skimmers and Tom had his first fish which was a Roach.

I then set up a float rod and fished a bunch of dendro's over a load of chopped, it wasn't long before I had my first bite and the fish powered off into the lake, after a good scrap I landed a nicely scaled Mirror of about 10lbs.

After that I landed a string of Perch to around a pound, Tom had a couple of skimmers and Josh was happy disecting the dendro's!

As we left around 8.45pm the wind dropped and the surface was like a jacuzzi as the scaley backs got their heads down!

All in all not a bad 2 hour session.

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