Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Cray of Packington

I took Tom to Sibling's on the Packington complex on Thursday evening for a couple of hours, unusually the place was deserted when we arrived ......

We fished in a corner with lot's of features close in to fish to so we both set up with floats and corn/meat/worm was the bait.

Within minutes I had indications on the float using meat and when the first bite came I struck but something didn't feel right?

These things seem to be getting everywhere and a small river I fish close to home that is a tributary of the Warks Avon is littered with the things.

After that the night ended quietly for me, 1 Bream, a hook pull on a Tench and a few missed bites was my lot.
Tom on the other hand was beavering away in his peg, he lost a nice Tench early on in the session but landed his second, a fish around 2 1/2lbs.

Then he hit into a bigger Tench that snagged him up in a nearside tree branch but the fish was visible just under the surface so I managed to net it for him and this fish tipped the scales at 4lb 9oz, not bad for his second Tench!

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