Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Avon - 2nd crack

I arrived on the banks of the upper just after 5pm and the persistant rain we had endured in Coventry for around 5 hours the previous evening had done little to increase the flow of the river or the colour for that matter.
I baited 3 swims with pellet, hemp and broken boilies on my way upstream to fish the first spot, I crept into position to swing the baited rig into the river as the fish (if there were any at home) were under my feet. The bait had only been in the river 5 minutes and a good pull on the tip saw me strike, this resulted in a nice Chub of around 4lb.

I then moved into the second peg which only resulted in taps on the tip but none of them with any conviction, this was also the state of affairs in the third swim.
I dropped into the last swim of the evening which I had initially baited over 2hours ago on my arrival, time enough for the resident Barbs to have settled over the bait? Again several taps and pulls on the tip were forthcoming but none that were strikeworthy (is that a word?) but after around 30 minutes the tip hammered round and again after a brief tussle another Chub of around 4lb graced my net. The fact that this fish had made such a commotion on the way in gave me concerns that the swim would give a Barb up as these fish can be spooky enough as it is so I packed up and headed home.
Two fish to me this time from the river but I am still awaiting my first Barb of the season and I will enjoy it when it comes.

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