Saturday, 2 July 2011

Avon - 1st crack

I got on the banks of the upper for the first time this season to see a very low river indeed, swims that were generally fast water pegs could only be classed as moderate flow, we need some wet stuff ASAP!

Long and short of it was a blank, I baited 5 spots and fished two of them, a few knocks and bangs were received and the only real positive indication of the evening was just before I was about to pack up, everything had been packed up apart from the rod (now on the ground) and the net, I checked the time on my phone and out the corner of my eye noticed the rod doing a jig along the bank and heading for the drink, happy days I thought a last gasp fish! I struck and after a couple of head shakes the hook pulled, I am telling myself it was a Chub........

Always next time though and the highlight of the night was a Kingfisher who was happily feeding opposite me for around 5 minutes, they were very active all evening up and down the river, at least somebody is catching!

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