Sunday, 26 June 2011

Saturday on the Severn

It was Dad & lad who left Coventry aiming for the Severn on a rainy Saturday morning, the same stretch as the previous week was the intended destination providing the car park wasn't too busy as we had plenty of other options close by.

We found only 2 cars there when we arrived so it was off on a good ten minute walk up to the area I fancied for a fish or two. Arriving at the pegs it was obvious that the river had been up 18 inches - 2 foot during the week and it was now dropping off with probably 6-9 inches above NSL.

I settled into a swim that was fairly fast but also fairly smooth, I knew that there were weed bads scattered all along this part of the stretch but I was happy with the water in front of me. Upstream rod had 2 x 8mm Crab Pellets and the D/S I started with Boilie, both with feeder rigs. After about half an hour the U/S rod nodded and I was into the first Barbel of the day which hit the net and I guessed weighed about 6lbs.

By now John & Danny had arrived, John fishing above me in the 'dolly peg' and Danny dropping below. It was a hard slog after this and bites were hard to come by despite me foul hooking a Barb that dropped off after a minute so they were in the swim but not feeding that strongly.

Josh then returned from speaking to John and told me that the puddle (a small cut off from the main river) he had been paddling in was deeper than he thought so he had two booties........   Off with his thermal leggings (I know, in June as well!) trousers and socks and on with dry socks and his waterproof bottoms. Thank god it was blowing a hoolie from the SW as his clothes dried in no time at all, my tripod being part of the makeshift washing line!

It was then time for the second bite of the day, literally 10 seconds after the feeder had settled on the river bed, another Barb scrapped all the way into the net, this one smaller at about 5lbs and the bait being pepperami soaked in garlic.

That was that after the second fish, one better than last week but still not the Severn that I know, definately not fishing it's best at the minute but always great to be there. John on the peg above me had really dropped on them and by the end of play he had 13 of the bronze bullets to his name, strangely enough most of his fish had come literally seconds after his bait hit the bottom as per my second fish so they were having it if you dropped it on their noses but didn't seem to be actively searching around for food? Below is Josh with one of John's fish.

It was a long walk back to the car then and homeward bound, we dropped in to chat to Danny on the way, he had taken 1 Barb up to then but not sure if he added to that total. It seemed that the rain yesterday morning started to effect the river about midnight as around that time the river rose quite sharply, I have just spoken to a mate fishing just above Shrewsbury and it has about 9 foot on!!

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  1. Great day out there Danny! Good to see your lad proud as punch !