Sunday, 5 June 2011

Packington - Down the inside

I visited Siblings lake today on the Packington estate, Josh my 8 year old was in tow as well as a neighbours lad Tom aged 14 who is new to the sport and was using his new rod/reel bought last week.

I set Josh up using a zig rig, a peice of red foam that had been soaked in Tutti Fruitti the bait and Tom was using a float with corn/meat the bait. I then set myself up also on the float using corn/meat in a rather inviting looking corner swim with plenty of overhanging cover to fish to.

Tom caught the first fish, a roach and then I was next with a Common Carp around 4lbs on the float that fought well above its weight.

It was then my turn with another Common but this time around 6lb that put up a terrific scrap on the float rod. I then proceeded to get lots of dips on the float but no positive bites, a change of bait, hook size and presentation did nothing to change this.  A littler Crucian Carp then did me a favour by jumping clear of the water just off my rod end so a quick depth check on this line and I was away again with renewed optimism. The inside line then brought me three Crucians to about a pound and a quarter, a female Tench about 4lbs and another Tench that I unfortunately lost to a hook pull but I saw enough of it to put it between 5-6lb which would have been a new PB..........

Josh didnt have any activity on his tutti'd foam and Tom caught 4 Roach, a Bream.

Lesson of the day was why cast 15 yards when you can catch fish under your feet. I may be back for that Tench but we will see.....

Trip to a new lake near Hinckley this Saturday with some guys from work that apparently also holds some nice Tench so fingers crossed I won't lose it this time if my luck is in.

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