Sunday, 19 June 2011

Open season - River's here we come!

River Wye

My first trip to running water this season was to the River Wye on a club stretch near Symond's Yat, a difficult drive down in apalling rain put my arrival time back a bit but I got there in the end. Surprisingly the upper stretch was deserted so I settled into a peg and cast out two feeder set up's one with pellet and the other on a boilie. First cast on the boilie and the tip was bouncing, that resulted in a decent Chub around 4lbs, not a bad start.

The rain did not stop at all throughout the session although during my session it had no effect on the flow of the river. I then waited some time for my second bite which materialised just as darkness approached and my first Barbel of the season hit the net, only a splasher of around 3lb but a Barbel none the less! It was then I called it a day as the River Severn beckoned the day after.......

River Severn

I arrived at another club stretch below Shrewsbury around 11am,  I was fishing with two mates today from Stockport, John & Danny and I gladly called them from the car park to tell them the stretch was empty. Not having fished this stretch before I started at the D/S limit by the car park and worked my way upstream with almost 2 miles of water to follow.....
My first peg was a fairly quick run so I ran a float set up down it fishing caster for around and hour and a half without anything to show for so I then carried on U/S. 
My second peg was about 3/4 up the stretch and again was fast water running into a deeper channel.

Three hours in this peg fishing the feeder with caster on the hook didn't result in anything either so another move was on the cards......

Walking further upstream I was now in the area where Danny & John were fishing, this looked much better with a lot more faster water, Danny was trotting and had caught 2 Chub a Bream and some Dace so at least there were fish about in his swim.

I set up below John in the last part of the faster water before it slowed down as the river approached a large deep bend.  After about 45 minutes John's rod went over and after a good scrap he netted his first Barbel of the season at around 6lbs.

I then had to wait about 30 minutes and I was in, a good scrap again and a Barbel of about 6 1/2lb was in the net.

After that it went very quiet, just a 3lb Bream falling to my rod at about 11pm and we called it a day at midnight.  Danny had 3 Barbel in total plus his float caught fish.

All in all a great looking stretch with a lot of potential, several deeper swims looked great for the winter months and I will be back on there soon.


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