Saturday, 11 June 2011

Olive is the colour.....'Tinker' Tinca

A glorious blue sky greeted us as we pulled into the car park at the 2 acre lake at around 6.30. First impressions were good, it was a relatively new lake, only excavated 3 years ago next to an existing older lake but with plenty of surface activity I was chomping at the bit to get the tackle set up.

I set up a float rod with corn or meat for hookbait and cast a leger rig with double 10mm pellet with a PVA bag full of 4mm pellets right on the tip of the island that splits the water. I then sat back and waited, and waited .......

By 9 o'clock we had been fishing for just over 2 hours and no fish had been caught between three of us, cries of 'worst day ever I have known' came from the guy who had offered me a chance to fish the lake, just my luck eh.......

Things did pick up though, at about 9.15 I had a positive bite on the float rod that gave me a Tench around 3lbs,a  fighting fit male that was in perfect condition. After that bites came every cast on the float rod with the alarm on the leger rod sounding every now and again off the point on the island.  By this time it was warming up and the fish seemed to respond to that with bites on both rods together and lots of surface activity from the Carp. I caught two different fish today, one of them being a crucian/long finned goldfish hybrid (notice the small gill covers?)

The second was a Wild Carp around 2lbs, a species of fish that I have not caught for about 22 years and fought very well even on Carp gear!

So the final tally for the day was around 25+ Tench up to 4 1/2lb, mainly between 3-4lbs, 3 Carp 3-6lbs, a Crucian, the 'long finned thing', the Wildie and half a dozen skimmer Bream.

Overall a slow start ended up a good day, I didn't get the PB Tinca I was after but there is always next time and I am sure that there will be on this lake.

This week I will be dusting down the Barbel rods as this coming weekend, with a fair wind prevailing will see me fish the rivers Wye, Severn and W Avon, I can't wait! Good luck to all also for the forthcoming river season, it will be good to be back.

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