Sunday, 26 June 2011

Saturday on the Severn

It was Dad & lad who left Coventry aiming for the Severn on a rainy Saturday morning, the same stretch as the previous week was the intended destination providing the car park wasn't too busy as we had plenty of other options close by.

We found only 2 cars there when we arrived so it was off on a good ten minute walk up to the area I fancied for a fish or two. Arriving at the pegs it was obvious that the river had been up 18 inches - 2 foot during the week and it was now dropping off with probably 6-9 inches above NSL.

I settled into a swim that was fairly fast but also fairly smooth, I knew that there were weed bads scattered all along this part of the stretch but I was happy with the water in front of me. Upstream rod had 2 x 8mm Crab Pellets and the D/S I started with Boilie, both with feeder rigs. After about half an hour the U/S rod nodded and I was into the first Barbel of the day which hit the net and I guessed weighed about 6lbs.

By now John & Danny had arrived, John fishing above me in the 'dolly peg' and Danny dropping below. It was a hard slog after this and bites were hard to come by despite me foul hooking a Barb that dropped off after a minute so they were in the swim but not feeding that strongly.

Josh then returned from speaking to John and told me that the puddle (a small cut off from the main river) he had been paddling in was deeper than he thought so he had two booties........   Off with his thermal leggings (I know, in June as well!) trousers and socks and on with dry socks and his waterproof bottoms. Thank god it was blowing a hoolie from the SW as his clothes dried in no time at all, my tripod being part of the makeshift washing line!

It was then time for the second bite of the day, literally 10 seconds after the feeder had settled on the river bed, another Barb scrapped all the way into the net, this one smaller at about 5lbs and the bait being pepperami soaked in garlic.

That was that after the second fish, one better than last week but still not the Severn that I know, definately not fishing it's best at the minute but always great to be there. John on the peg above me had really dropped on them and by the end of play he had 13 of the bronze bullets to his name, strangely enough most of his fish had come literally seconds after his bait hit the bottom as per my second fish so they were having it if you dropped it on their noses but didn't seem to be actively searching around for food? Below is Josh with one of John's fish.

It was a long walk back to the car then and homeward bound, we dropped in to chat to Danny on the way, he had taken 1 Barb up to then but not sure if he added to that total. It seemed that the rain yesterday morning started to effect the river about midnight as around that time the river rose quite sharply, I have just spoken to a mate fishing just above Shrewsbury and it has about 9 foot on!!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Open season - River's here we come!

River Wye

My first trip to running water this season was to the River Wye on a club stretch near Symond's Yat, a difficult drive down in apalling rain put my arrival time back a bit but I got there in the end. Surprisingly the upper stretch was deserted so I settled into a peg and cast out two feeder set up's one with pellet and the other on a boilie. First cast on the boilie and the tip was bouncing, that resulted in a decent Chub around 4lbs, not a bad start.

The rain did not stop at all throughout the session although during my session it had no effect on the flow of the river. I then waited some time for my second bite which materialised just as darkness approached and my first Barbel of the season hit the net, only a splasher of around 3lb but a Barbel none the less! It was then I called it a day as the River Severn beckoned the day after.......

River Severn

I arrived at another club stretch below Shrewsbury around 11am,  I was fishing with two mates today from Stockport, John & Danny and I gladly called them from the car park to tell them the stretch was empty. Not having fished this stretch before I started at the D/S limit by the car park and worked my way upstream with almost 2 miles of water to follow.....
My first peg was a fairly quick run so I ran a float set up down it fishing caster for around and hour and a half without anything to show for so I then carried on U/S. 
My second peg was about 3/4 up the stretch and again was fast water running into a deeper channel.

Three hours in this peg fishing the feeder with caster on the hook didn't result in anything either so another move was on the cards......

Walking further upstream I was now in the area where Danny & John were fishing, this looked much better with a lot more faster water, Danny was trotting and had caught 2 Chub a Bream and some Dace so at least there were fish about in his swim.

I set up below John in the last part of the faster water before it slowed down as the river approached a large deep bend.  After about 45 minutes John's rod went over and after a good scrap he netted his first Barbel of the season at around 6lbs.

I then had to wait about 30 minutes and I was in, a good scrap again and a Barbel of about 6 1/2lb was in the net.

After that it went very quiet, just a 3lb Bream falling to my rod at about 11pm and we called it a day at midnight.  Danny had 3 Barbel in total plus his float caught fish.

All in all a great looking stretch with a lot of potential, several deeper swims looked great for the winter months and I will be back on there soon.


Saturday, 11 June 2011

Olive is the colour.....'Tinker' Tinca

A glorious blue sky greeted us as we pulled into the car park at the 2 acre lake at around 6.30. First impressions were good, it was a relatively new lake, only excavated 3 years ago next to an existing older lake but with plenty of surface activity I was chomping at the bit to get the tackle set up.

I set up a float rod with corn or meat for hookbait and cast a leger rig with double 10mm pellet with a PVA bag full of 4mm pellets right on the tip of the island that splits the water. I then sat back and waited, and waited .......

By 9 o'clock we had been fishing for just over 2 hours and no fish had been caught between three of us, cries of 'worst day ever I have known' came from the guy who had offered me a chance to fish the lake, just my luck eh.......

Things did pick up though, at about 9.15 I had a positive bite on the float rod that gave me a Tench around 3lbs,a  fighting fit male that was in perfect condition. After that bites came every cast on the float rod with the alarm on the leger rod sounding every now and again off the point on the island.  By this time it was warming up and the fish seemed to respond to that with bites on both rods together and lots of surface activity from the Carp. I caught two different fish today, one of them being a crucian/long finned goldfish hybrid (notice the small gill covers?)

The second was a Wild Carp around 2lbs, a species of fish that I have not caught for about 22 years and fought very well even on Carp gear!

So the final tally for the day was around 25+ Tench up to 4 1/2lb, mainly between 3-4lbs, 3 Carp 3-6lbs, a Crucian, the 'long finned thing', the Wildie and half a dozen skimmer Bream.

Overall a slow start ended up a good day, I didn't get the PB Tinca I was after but there is always next time and I am sure that there will be on this lake.

This week I will be dusting down the Barbel rods as this coming weekend, with a fair wind prevailing will see me fish the rivers Wye, Severn and W Avon, I can't wait! Good luck to all also for the forthcoming river season, it will be good to be back.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Packington - Down the inside

I visited Siblings lake today on the Packington estate, Josh my 8 year old was in tow as well as a neighbours lad Tom aged 14 who is new to the sport and was using his new rod/reel bought last week.

I set Josh up using a zig rig, a peice of red foam that had been soaked in Tutti Fruitti the bait and Tom was using a float with corn/meat the bait. I then set myself up also on the float using corn/meat in a rather inviting looking corner swim with plenty of overhanging cover to fish to.

Tom caught the first fish, a roach and then I was next with a Common Carp around 4lbs on the float that fought well above its weight.

It was then my turn with another Common but this time around 6lb that put up a terrific scrap on the float rod. I then proceeded to get lots of dips on the float but no positive bites, a change of bait, hook size and presentation did nothing to change this.  A littler Crucian Carp then did me a favour by jumping clear of the water just off my rod end so a quick depth check on this line and I was away again with renewed optimism. The inside line then brought me three Crucians to about a pound and a quarter, a female Tench about 4lbs and another Tench that I unfortunately lost to a hook pull but I saw enough of it to put it between 5-6lb which would have been a new PB..........

Josh didnt have any activity on his tutti'd foam and Tom caught 4 Roach, a Bream.

Lesson of the day was why cast 15 yards when you can catch fish under your feet. I may be back for that Tench but we will see.....

Trip to a new lake near Hinckley this Saturday with some guys from work that apparently also holds some nice Tench so fingers crossed I won't lose it this time if my luck is in.