Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A step in the right direction

I had an afternoon on my local upper Avon today, windy conditions but it remained dry at least. On arriving at the stretch three cars were in the car park so I decided on another stretch further downstream, again on arrival three more cars greeted me but as dog walkers are not uncommon here I thought I would give it a go. Luckily my chosen swim was free and I hadn't come across any other anglers either so maybe dog walkers were the car owners. I chose to fish two rods, a quiver rod on the far reed line with a small feeder crammed with liquidised bread and a large chunk of flake on the hook, the second rod would be a float with lobworm as bait, this was dropped tight in to the near bank in around 7 feet of water, this rod was hopefully going to throw me a Perch or two......
The wind made detecting bites on the quiver a difficult one so I hoped that if one materialised it would be an obvious one! This rod was recast every 10 minutes or so as my confidence with bread on the hook would not go any further! The float rod was dropped in and that I cut up a lob every 10 minutes again and sprayed the float with the wormy goodness, this rod again would be recast every 15-20 minutes to keep the hookbait on the move and it was after an hour that I had a quick bob on the float just after the bait had settled, this happened again after the next cast but this time the float buried. On striking the fish felt quite heavy and I was praying that a Pike wasn't the culprit but then the tell tale headshaking started and a Perchy fight commenced, it was then I saw the fish twisting a turning in the clear water at my feet and it looked a nice one. On the scales she went 2lb 3oz, a river PB for me and finally a decent Perch after a fair amount of trying for one.

I went straight back in with the float as there are usually more than one Perch about but no further bites were had. I did have a couple of tentative knocks on the tip towards dusk when the wind dropped but nothing I could strike at, I thought I may have had a Chub or two or even a Roach on the bread but not today. A step in the right direction on the Perch front as I had thought that there must be some big stripeys in the river somewhere, more to come hopefully......

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Happy Christmas to all

Well the day is approaching and the children are hyper!  Fishing gear is on the agenda this year but not for me but for Josh. He has an 8 ft lure rod/reel combo and a box of jelly lures wrapped up ready for tomorrow morning so we will be out thrashing the water to a jelly foam in between Christmas and New Year.
A bivvy is also hidden away (2 man JRC) so we will be attempting the first night session come the spring months, hopefully the first of many that we will embark on together.

I am at a quandry to fish for Pike or Zander myself during the holiday period, river or canal? So many decisions to make.......

Happy Christmas anyway and enjoy yourselves!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Time for a Pike, or two

As the weather was cooling a change of attack was brought out of the tackle box, as my previous couple of sessions had been for a Zed on the cut and Perch on the upper Avon (only small samples being banked) I continued with the preds and aimed for Pike on a reservoir that a club I was a member of had recently aqquired.
A call en route to a mate already on there told me that they seemed to be feeding as he had just landed a fish short of 10lbs, they reputedly run three times the size in there but a fish or two today would be a good start.
The reservoir is almost 40 acres so lots of water to go at, mobility would of been the name of the game today but as Josh was with me a move every 2 hours would do for a start.
The plan was to fish with deadbaits under a float, sardine being the bait of choice as I now had a good cheap supply of bait after I stumbled across the fact the local fishmonger is also a Pike angler, £4.30 for 15 nice sized baits will do the job!
First cast, a rod to the left hand margin and a rod to the right, it was the right hand rod that signaled a take only ten minutes after casting into 5 feet of water, a brief scrap and a fish of about 6lb was landed, unhooked and quickly released.
After another hour and a half in that spot without any signs of life a move around the rese was called for, a peg 200 yards around was slap bang in the middle of a large reed bad so again a bait was cast either side of the peg close into the reeds.  After 20 minutes the RH rod was away again, a bit more of a tussle this time and a larger fish could be seen figthing in the 6 foot deep margin, again into the net a quick unhook this time and up for the trophy shot.

This fish managed the spin of death whilst my hand was still slid up its gills and the inevitable slashed finger was the result, Josh loved the fact that the Pike had 'bitten' me but a lesson for me as my old garden glove had been left at home.......
That was it for the day but as there were 2 other anglers on that day who had blanked and my mate who landed one fish earlier on I wasn't complaining. I will be putting in a bit more time on here over this winter for the Pike and then changing species when the spring arrives......

Not cutting it on the cut

Zander. I was on the trail of my first of these toothy critters and as my new surroundings in the West Mids wasn't short of a few of them I thought this winter would be worth having a crack for them.
The Oxford Canal was my first port of call for a brief session, not far from Brinklow. On arriving on the towpath the first thing I noticed was the amount of leaves littering the surface, as I was intending to fish a whip to try and catch a livey or two this was obviously not going to be an easy task.
Josh kicked off and threw a jelly lure around here and there, and he threw it around onto a far bank tree or two but always managing to retrieve the lure so happy days.
I alternated between single red mag or a worm on the whip and after catching a small Perch it went out under a bung and sat there for over an hour even after re-casting to different spots every 15 minutes.
The day ended by catching a Perch of around 10oz on a worm, too big for a livey so back it went and the session ended on a blank on the Zed front, always next time though.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

High expectations

After all the rain that had fallen in the Coventry area during the latter half of the week I was thinking that the Upper Avon may actually be starting to flow! My suspicions were confirmed on the EA river level site -  showing a sharp rise on the Friday morning so it was with that I managed to sneak a couple of hours on the bank on the Saturday morning.
On arrival down to the river I could clearly see two other anglers, amazing what the rain drags down to the river bank eh! On speaking to one of the anglers (Andy Lewis - it was clear that although the river looked in fine fettle with about 18 inches on and coloured without too much rubbish coming down it was actually fishing very poorly indeed. With that encouraging news I tromped off upstream to start my session. The first swim was a very deep one in parts but I dropped my flavoured meat bait just inches off the now covered staging into around 6 feet of water.
After half an hour without a touch it was time to move into swim number 2, this I knew from summer time fishing was a clean gravel bottom, again about 6 feet of water was under my feet and the flow was clean and smooth. I had one or two knocks in here but nothing to strike at.
Swim number 3 was a wader job as the river had come over the bank slightly but again as the flow dropped into a pool on a bend, the inside line by the decaying reeds looked bob on for a bite but again my flavoured meat was untroubled.............

It was with that I walked back up the hill to the car with TFBML (again) wondering what the hell I have to do to lure a Barbel from the upper this season.

The drive home was eventful to some degree, a friend of mine was fishing a midlands reservoir, initially he was trying to catch livebait to Pike fish with but his float fished red maggots had been taken by no fewer than 13 Tench to over 7lb, in November!  I have already planned my working week so I finish it over near that particular water!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Rainbow's end on the Severn?

A trip to the Severn was made this week to a stretch around Shrewsbury that I hadn't fished before. The species in mind were Perch, Pike and Barbel, a weird combo I know but the barbel rod would only be cast out an hour before dusk, the main part of the day after the pred's.
The river was a strange colour on arrival, clear but it was holding a sediment of some sort so it was a bit tea stained, locals have told me in the past that this phenomenon is never seen above the Vyrnwy confluence and they think that it is the result of farmers spraying their crops/fields? Most of the fields I passed on the day had just been ploughed so I am not sure how much weight this theory holds......
Anyway I started off in the first swim with worms on the hook and red magg's in the feeder, this was cast next to an overhanging nearside willow in the hope of luring a Perch or two out, with the clear sky though this was proving a tricky feat.

After an hour in the first swim it was time for a move upstream, after finding the next swim I had a mooch with the lure rod but again apart from a jack Pike following the jelly lure into the edge 2/3 times it was quiet.

It was towards the end of the day when the heaven's opened, luckily the brolly had remained in the holdall even though the forecast was 0% chance of precipitation! It was whilst the rain was falling that not one but two rainbow's formed and I merrily snapped away to get the best shot.

It was as dusk arrived after the colour's in the sky had departed I had my first proper indication on the tip and a Perch of around 10 oz was duly landed, I quickly cast out again hoping that the feeding spell was beginning but alas that was it for the day. The Barb rod had been out since just before the rain but again no joy on that.

It went very cold on dusk and when I arrived back at the car 5.5 deg C were the numbers, it had only been 8 deg C when I arrived so winter is definately on the way.

A day on old father Thames

I had a trip down to the big smoke last Saturday, the better half was spending a day shopping in the west end so after a couple of earlier emails to Keith Arthur from Sky Sports I was heading to a stretch nr Heathrow at Laleham.  Apparently the upper and lower part of the stretch sandwiched between the M3 & M25 were the deepest and the centre section shallower and good for the float, due to the weather cooling off prior to my visit I chose to fish the lower part of the section by the M3. With the traffic and the many aircraft from Heathrow it was hardly a quiet day!

With the wind blowing upstream at a fair rate and the river hardly flowing I decided against the waggler as it probably wouldn't have moved, so a feeder it was full of chopped worm and red maggot and a misture of the two on the hook, this was cast as close to the far bank willow as I could manage. The day was passing by fairly slowly without many indications on the tip at all, it was a wiser decision to keep an eye out for the many pleasure boats passing up and down the river though, one passing by very close in and at quite a pace resulting in snapping me off, the lady at the helm realised what she had done as I was putting the rod tip under the water but it was too late and she sailed off upstream not looking bothered at all......

My first fish came halfway through the afternoon and was a Perch of around 1/2lb, it was then another quiet spell until the sun dipped behind the trees and the last hour resulted in another 4 Perch to just under a pound. The far bank looked very Chubby to me but either they weren't at home or if so they weren't playing out!

Although it wasn't a fish filled day I enjoyed my first visit on the Thames and I am sure that I will be back to try again soon.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

River Itchen

It was my first visit down to the Itchen ( but many of the anglers I was with today had been before so I had heard how great the stretch was plus the fish it contained.
Most of us arrived in the car park around 8am and after a few introduction's I was driving up to an upper part of the stretch to begin the days fishing which incidentally would be trotting with maggots or corn as bait.
The first area I tried was just below a bridge, the water running into a small pool before turning right to head down to the next parking spot.

This first trot had the float dipping and a Grayling landed as it was for the first five trots down! Not a bad start to the day at all I am thinking but after that bites were less frequent as the shoal were obvious spooked so I walked a touch further downstream and away we were again with more Grayling and a small Salmon Parr. I tried a further two spots further down the straight, both providing me with Grayling.

I then drove to the uppermost car park passing the fly only stretch where a few of the other lads were wielding their fly rods with differing amounts of success (sorry about driving over your landing net pole Paul) to the upper coarse fishing stretch. This is a syndicate water but is open to day ticket anglers until mid October.

The peg above gave me the biggest Grayling of the day which was around 1.04 which although it wasn't the 2lb fish I had hoped for still a nice fish indeed. A Brownie of around 3.08 then nailed my trotted corn a long way down the run and that was fun in the fast flow!

After fishing three swims above the railway bridge a few other of the lads started to arrive on the upper stretch after their fluff flinging antic's had brought down a few branches (only joking guys) so I then drove downstream to the middle section to explore further. The river here was noticeably slower and deeper but apparently the chance of a larger Grayling existed.

The first swim I fished gave me another nice Brown that really tested my float gear to the limit, boy do the spotties go!

The late afternoon saw me drop further downstream to fish just above a bend, this was a lot slower and deeper than the upper stretch and was in Roach territory.

There was a lot of weed coming through by now and actually keeping the feeder nailed to the deck was posing a problem, some casts were OK for ten minutes with the next the feeder was being dragged out of position after 30 seconds. The first bite brought a mint Chub that weighed 4.05.

The second fish fought a lot harder than the above Chub but turned out to be it's baby brother, I didn't weigh the fish but guess it was not far off 4lb. The next bite was a strange affair as I thought that weed was responsible for after a strike it was obvious something was there, a river Bream of 5.04.

By this time Sash who was fishing below me on the next bend (the event organiser) had caught Grayling, Roach, an Eel (ooh err) and a great looking Common Carp of around 10lb all on bread so it was action stations.

All in all it is a gorgoeus stretch of river, that in itself would usually forfill most anglers desire's but with the addition of the fish that swim in it's flowing water I don't think it can be beaten full stop.

Upper Avon with the Northern Boy's

Last Saturday saw an annual event come around in the form of Danny & John driving south to enjoy a day on the Upper Avon with your's truly.
We arrived on a merely fresher river than of late what with the very sparing amounts of late mid-week rain, the level was up a matter of an inch or two and the water like that of vodka, bloody clear!

As usual the plan was to cover as much water during the day and personally the Barbel gear was to stay in the holdall until 6pm then fish up to dark for a last gasp fish, the rest of the day I used a small blockend feeder filled with chopped worm and maggots with the same on the hook.

The first peg produced 2 Perch on the worm and I also lost a good fish for the river which was easily over a pound but I will never know. I then proceeded to fish 3 other swims which again produced Perch (inc this minnow guzzling chav below) and a couple of Dace & Chub.

The Barbel rod did come out just before 6pm but no 3 foot twitches were forthcoming but overall I had caught a few fish so I couldn't complain.
Danny & John also had a few Perch between them during the day, John catching the majority of his on live minnow's. I think livebait has to be the way forward for the Perch on the upper as I know they are there but bait fishing attracts too many small fry.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Desperate times

I have managed to get out twice on running water over the past week without any fish being caught. The first session was a quick 2 hour trip to the Upper Avon into dark, I fished 2 swims and just had a few knocks and pulls to watch but no real confident takes although the second swim I fished on came alive with fish on the surface around dusk so I will be back there soon....

The second trip was to the Trent nr Burton, again fishing from late afternoon into dark, I had everything mapped out in my head how I would approach the swim but the one thing I didn't anticipate were the huge amounts of weed that were coming down the river, I couldn't leave the rod in for anything longer than 15 minutes so I again left for home with my tail firmly tucked between my legs.

This weekend see's me back on the Upper Avon with my 2 Northern fishing buddies then down onto the Itchen on Tuesday for a day out with a group of anglers who I know from a Barbel forum, hopefully I will have some fishy things to show you after those trips..........

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Worming on the Sow

I had an hour free last night so it was a toss up between a quick Barbel session on the Upper Avon or a relaxing 'chuck a worm around' in my little pool on the River Sow. The Barbel fishing this season has been a real head banger for me especially on my local upper stretch of the Avon so I decided on the relaxed session taking Josh with me for company (plus so he can play about in the shallow water!)

The first three runs through the pool with worm under a light stick float resulted in 3 Brownie's all around 12 oz -and a pound. It then went quiet for a while but I started to pick up bites towards the tail of the pool which eventually resulted in 2 small Chublets and a Dace, the latter being a first for me from that part of the Sow.

That was about it apart from finding a hand line that was left jammed in between the rocks on a thin rope with 4 hooks attached via nylon links, needless to say it was removed and disposed of! It makes you wonder how the resident fish in the pool manage what with Crayfish abundant and then what I found today.................

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Wye oh why

A trip back down to the gorgeous Wye was on the cards again, I arrived at the stretch early afternoon to a fairly full car park, a quick chat to a couple of anglers told me that the fishing wasn't the best but the river was fining down after a midweek flush (that I was hoping to catch) and the last of the colour was dropping out fast.

I walked upstream and the first peg I fancied was taken so I continued up to the top limit to a great looking run of water. I placed a bait into the top faster run and then another bait lower down in the centre of the pool. After an hour without a touch and a few canoeists coming through the peg (plus two noddies who were intent on going UPstream through this very fast water without much luck) I moved back downstream.

I then had another hour in a slower deeper run but again no bites were forthcoming so I moved again......

By now the swim I fancied earlier on was vacant so I set up in there, I put my baits both over on the far bank, one under some overhanging willow and the other just above a run over willows, hoping that the fish were sat beneath.

The first bite came almost immediately on the upper rod and a Chub of about 2lb was landed, as I recast this rod the lower rod went over (why does this always happen) and after lifting into the fish it felt like a Barbel but it dropped off after around 5 seconds.....

Two hours later and with only a few taps on the tips I had to make a call, where to settle for dark and with me realising that I had left the headtorch in the car I moved everything down towards the car for the final effort.

This proved to be a bad move as my final peg didn't even give me a nod on the tips, mental note not to leave the head torch in the car again! I should have stayed in the peg and waited for dark but the cast over tight to the far side was a worry in the darkness.

It is a great place to be though and a few notes were made for the next trip which hopefully will be before the clocks move forward in 6 weeks time.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

River Trent

My first visit to the Trent this season was to an upper stretch that although I had not fished before the two mates who I met on there had quite a bit and some good fish had been caught.
The upper part of the stretch was very weedy and it was a nice break in that weed that was my first peg of the day. I bait dropped 8 full loads of hemp & pellet onto 4 feet of clean gravel and left it to settle for about half an hour before fishing. The first bite didn't come until about an hour after casting in and it resulted in a Chub about 3 and a half (modelled by Josh below)

I then added 4 more droppers and left the dust to settle for about half an hour, during that time I walked further down the stretch with Danny and we spotted another 3 spots in between the weed (in-betweeners?) that definately looked as though they could produce a fish. The lower part of the stretch held less weed but some depth here and there so all in a nice varied bit of water.
I then dropped back into the original swim for another hour but without any further action.

Moving down to the lower part I then put two rods on the far side of a bend in about 6-7 feet of water, Danny was just below me fishing a deeper hole and John was below him on the lower peg on the stretch again with some deep water in front of him. Apart from a couple of taps on my lower rods that was it for me, I packed up at 10pm as Josh's pass out was until 11pm!  As we walked the stretch saying our goodbye's to the boys Danny's U/S rod was away and after a 'Breamy' fight a Barbel was landed about 7lbs, we think the fact the fished head was draped in weed it didn't fight? Josh again is modelling this fish!
So that was it for Josh and I but the text's were raining in during our drive back to Coventry, both Danny & John ended up with 2 Barbel a piece and also some nice Chub in the 5lb region. Danny is below with the night's best of 10lb 11oz, cracker mate!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Warks Avon in the pouring rain

I ventured to a stretch close to home this afternoon in pursuit of a Barbel, the weather was grim and it tipped it down from start to (almost) the finish....

On reaching the peg it was obvious that it had not been fished for some time as the undergrowth had done it's upmost to cover it up! Fine with me I like the solitude.

I baited the shallow run with 3 handfulls of hemp and pellet then I sat on the mat to put on a fresh hooklength and add a backlead that was required in this peg. During that time I noticed that the Barbel & Chub were straight on the bait and were ripping the gravel up for it, great but hooking a Barbus first would be the issue in this peg but there were some very nice Chub in the swim also. It was with trembling hands the first cast with a 6mm pellet was made and within 30 seconds the tip is over and the fight is on, a good Barbel boiled on the surface and headed straight for a nearside root system, it obviously got there as the hook pulled much to my dismay (plus other verbal additions!)

Looking back into the run the fish were still there so the dilemma was do I go straight back in or wait a few minutes, I decided that if they were spooked now a cast would make no difference so I went back in again. I then went through a period of 30 minutes with only small knocks so I thought I had blown my chance but then the tip went over again and a good fish was hooked but it soon became apparent that it was a Chevin not a Barbus on my hook.  The fish was landed quickly and was around 4lb in weight, great big head and shoulders but no real gut, a good fish some the late autumn time. When I returned the Chub it stayed right by the bank sulking in the nearside weed instead of swimming back into the swim so I was quite happy with that!

Next cast and I was thinking that the chances of a Barb had been blown after the lost fish earlier and then the Chub but just 10 minutes later I was off again and this was a Barb, after a brief but good scrap the fish was landed, at 7lb 14oz I wasn't complaining either, then the sun came out for the pictures.

River Sow

After enjoying a week with the family in southern Spain with temperature's reaching 41 dec C I was ready for some cooler climate fishing exploits.I had an hour to spare so I took Josh off to the River Sow,a  tributary of the Warks Avon that runs through South Coventry. I have fished this small pool on the river before, taking numerous Brown Trout, Perch, Chub as well as the unwelcome Red Signal Crays.....
I started by running a worm through with a BB shot in the faster water at the head of the pool and quickly took 2 small Browns around 12oz then that was that until I hooked a good fish that snagged me up in a large tree branch that had obviously dropped into the pool during the winter.
A change of attack was then brought into play and I ran a float through the pool, skirting the newly found snag in hope of what lay within. The first run through brought a bite in the spot by the snag and a fish tried it's best to get back in there, it failed and a nice Perch of around a pound hit the net.
I then took another Perch slightly smaller a few minutes later from the same spot that again fought well on the relatively light gear I was using.  Not too sure where all the Trout have gone as I have taken up to 11 Brown's to 3lb from this spot in under an hour last summer, I will leave that up to you as I am sure you can think of some possible reasons........

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Anni's at Packington

I set off for Packington with the better half the accomplice for this visit. We kicked off again on Siblings but after realising it was a squeeze for the two of us in my tight 'birdcage' swim  we moved pools and settled into a nice spacious peg on Anniversaries.

Float fishing was again the game and bait was a choice of meat, corn, pellet or worm. It wasn't long before I was into the first fish and that was a Tench of about 3lbs. Lou then had her first fish, a Ghost Carp of around 2 lbs that went well on the float gear.

Lou then carried on catching small Carp about the same size and her first tench which was about 2lbs succumbed to the float fished meat. As this was only her third session she was eager to hook, land, re-bait and cast out herself and she was doing well, landing the float tight by the island on most casts. I put this totally down to the teacher!

As the session continued we both caught Carp, Tench, Bream and Roach on a relatively quiet lake as most were on Sibling's (which apparently wasn't fishing too well) so all was well. By 8.30 we decided that the 6th last cast was actually the last one (liking that!) and we departed home via the chip shop.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

No Severn heaven

I had a session on the upper/middle Severn yesterday afternoon into dark, initially I float fished caster for around an hour and a half but without anything to show for.

I then got the Barb rods out, the D/S rod fishing caster and the U/S rod a small piece of rami, unfortunately I didn't have anything to strike at, a few knocks but no 3FT's!

A Gooseander was working away all afternoon below me in the deep pool that I was fishing into and I did not see it surface with a fish at all, not good if they can't catch!

25 hours of fishing for me this last week for 1 fish..............

The Cray of Packington

I took Tom to Sibling's on the Packington complex on Thursday evening for a couple of hours, unusually the place was deserted when we arrived ......

We fished in a corner with lot's of features close in to fish to so we both set up with floats and corn/meat/worm was the bait.

Within minutes I had indications on the float using meat and when the first bite came I struck but something didn't feel right?

These things seem to be getting everywhere and a small river I fish close to home that is a tributary of the Warks Avon is littered with the things.

After that the night ended quietly for me, 1 Bream, a hook pull on a Tench and a few missed bites was my lot.
Tom on the other hand was beavering away in his peg, he lost a nice Tench early on in the session but landed his second, a fish around 2 1/2lbs.

Then he hit into a bigger Tench that snagged him up in a nearside tree branch but the fish was visible just under the surface so I managed to net it for him and this fish tipped the scales at 4lb 9oz, not bad for his second Tench!

Monday, 25 July 2011

A very quiet Upper Avon...........

I had around 5 hours at my disposal last Saturday and I fancied spending them on the Upper. I did the usual and baited swims as I walked downstream to the lower of the five, around 45-50 minutes in each was then planned to see what developed. 
Well nothing developed, absolutely sod all!  I didn't even receive as much as a knock on the tip in any of the swims I fished, the river looked very quiet indeed and the usual spots where Chub were usally seen cruising around the overhanging willows were deserted. I even found some pellets still sat on the bottom that I presume had been thrown in the day before in a swim that usally holds Chub & Barbel......

An en-masse fish exodus? I doubt that very much but they sure weren't playing ball with me this week.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

An evening on Lambsdowne

A quick after work session on Lambsdowne pool on the Meadowlands complex was had tonight, in tow were Josh,  Tom (a friend/neighbours son) and his dad Ken.

We picked a stretch of open bank at the westerly end of the lake where the wind was hacking down into, plenty of fish topping as we set up so things were looking good. I set Josh up first on the float with meat on the hook just off his rod end and after just 5 minutes as I had finished getting Tom's set up complete I noticed Josh's rod tip bent around, he didn't though so I mentioned the fact that he may wish to pick his rod up! He played the fish well ...........

The result was a Mirror Carp of around 7lbs.

Josh then had a couple of skimmers and Tom had his first fish which was a Roach.

I then set up a float rod and fished a bunch of dendro's over a load of chopped, it wasn't long before I had my first bite and the fish powered off into the lake, after a good scrap I landed a nicely scaled Mirror of about 10lbs.

After that I landed a string of Perch to around a pound, Tom had a couple of skimmers and Josh was happy disecting the dendro's!

As we left around 8.45pm the wind dropped and the surface was like a jacuzzi as the scaley backs got their heads down!

All in all not a bad 2 hour session.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Avon - 2nd crack

I arrived on the banks of the upper just after 5pm and the persistant rain we had endured in Coventry for around 5 hours the previous evening had done little to increase the flow of the river or the colour for that matter.
I baited 3 swims with pellet, hemp and broken boilies on my way upstream to fish the first spot, I crept into position to swing the baited rig into the river as the fish (if there were any at home) were under my feet. The bait had only been in the river 5 minutes and a good pull on the tip saw me strike, this resulted in a nice Chub of around 4lb.

I then moved into the second peg which only resulted in taps on the tip but none of them with any conviction, this was also the state of affairs in the third swim.
I dropped into the last swim of the evening which I had initially baited over 2hours ago on my arrival, time enough for the resident Barbs to have settled over the bait? Again several taps and pulls on the tip were forthcoming but none that were strikeworthy (is that a word?) but after around 30 minutes the tip hammered round and again after a brief tussle another Chub of around 4lb graced my net. The fact that this fish had made such a commotion on the way in gave me concerns that the swim would give a Barb up as these fish can be spooky enough as it is so I packed up and headed home.
Two fish to me this time from the river but I am still awaiting my first Barb of the season and I will enjoy it when it comes.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Severn, life in the fast stuff.

I headed for a new stretch of the Severn only to be faced with access difficulties, I could see down onto the river from my lofty position but couldn't get down safely so it was onto plan B, except I didn't have one.......
I have now found out my best plan of attack for this stretch so I will be back on there as it looked the dog's danglers.

So with around another 10 stretches to choose from where do I go? I knew of a stretch that I used to fish regularly 6 years ago that had a 200 yard run of fast water so that was where I headed, the Barbel couldn't be far away from that, could they?

On arrival there was a van already in the car park but I hedged my bets and walked upstream to my chosen area that I found to be free. I started at the top of the 200 yard run and after a bit of bankside and foliage alterations and a pint of hemp & caster bait dropped into the run I was away.The rods were both fished with feeders, one with caster, hemp and plugged with groundbait with fake casters on the hook, the second feeder had some added pellets in the feeder with a single 8mm pellet on the hook. The first fish came to the pellet rod, a small Barb of around 3lbs, 2 Chub then came to the caster rod, both males as they were leaking milt and had tubercles on their gill covers. The next 90 minutes then passed uneventfully apart from one dropped fish on the pellet rod so I moved around 50 yards down the run.  I sat in the second swim for around 90 minutes without any indication on the tips so it was move time. The third swim looked a touch slower but I had caught here in the past so it had to be worth a go, again after some bankside alterations I was comfy and ready to go.

It wasn't long before I was receiving indications on both tips and the caster rod hammered over within 5 minutes of it being in the run and a Barb around 4lbs made it's way into the net.

The pellet rod then whacked over and a slightly larger Barb of 5lb was landed, I was beginning to enjoy myself at the stage!

I then picked up two more Barbs about 5lbs, one on each rod before it was time to hit the road, all in all an enjoyable session but I took my time in finding them.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Avon - 1st crack

I got on the banks of the upper for the first time this season to see a very low river indeed, swims that were generally fast water pegs could only be classed as moderate flow, we need some wet stuff ASAP!

Long and short of it was a blank, I baited 5 spots and fished two of them, a few knocks and bangs were received and the only real positive indication of the evening was just before I was about to pack up, everything had been packed up apart from the rod (now on the ground) and the net, I checked the time on my phone and out the corner of my eye noticed the rod doing a jig along the bank and heading for the drink, happy days I thought a last gasp fish! I struck and after a couple of head shakes the hook pulled, I am telling myself it was a Chub........

Always next time though and the highlight of the night was a Kingfisher who was happily feeding opposite me for around 5 minutes, they were very active all evening up and down the river, at least somebody is catching!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Saturday on the Severn

It was Dad & lad who left Coventry aiming for the Severn on a rainy Saturday morning, the same stretch as the previous week was the intended destination providing the car park wasn't too busy as we had plenty of other options close by.

We found only 2 cars there when we arrived so it was off on a good ten minute walk up to the area I fancied for a fish or two. Arriving at the pegs it was obvious that the river had been up 18 inches - 2 foot during the week and it was now dropping off with probably 6-9 inches above NSL.

I settled into a swim that was fairly fast but also fairly smooth, I knew that there were weed bads scattered all along this part of the stretch but I was happy with the water in front of me. Upstream rod had 2 x 8mm Crab Pellets and the D/S I started with Boilie, both with feeder rigs. After about half an hour the U/S rod nodded and I was into the first Barbel of the day which hit the net and I guessed weighed about 6lbs.

By now John & Danny had arrived, John fishing above me in the 'dolly peg' and Danny dropping below. It was a hard slog after this and bites were hard to come by despite me foul hooking a Barb that dropped off after a minute so they were in the swim but not feeding that strongly.

Josh then returned from speaking to John and told me that the puddle (a small cut off from the main river) he had been paddling in was deeper than he thought so he had two booties........   Off with his thermal leggings (I know, in June as well!) trousers and socks and on with dry socks and his waterproof bottoms. Thank god it was blowing a hoolie from the SW as his clothes dried in no time at all, my tripod being part of the makeshift washing line!

It was then time for the second bite of the day, literally 10 seconds after the feeder had settled on the river bed, another Barb scrapped all the way into the net, this one smaller at about 5lbs and the bait being pepperami soaked in garlic.

That was that after the second fish, one better than last week but still not the Severn that I know, definately not fishing it's best at the minute but always great to be there. John on the peg above me had really dropped on them and by the end of play he had 13 of the bronze bullets to his name, strangely enough most of his fish had come literally seconds after his bait hit the bottom as per my second fish so they were having it if you dropped it on their noses but didn't seem to be actively searching around for food? Below is Josh with one of John's fish.

It was a long walk back to the car then and homeward bound, we dropped in to chat to Danny on the way, he had taken 1 Barb up to then but not sure if he added to that total. It seemed that the rain yesterday morning started to effect the river about midnight as around that time the river rose quite sharply, I have just spoken to a mate fishing just above Shrewsbury and it has about 9 foot on!!